Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Electronics Trade-in and Recycling Program

Here at Fitz Cell we want to introduce our new Electronics Trade-in and Recycling Program.

I'm going to make you a bet.  I bet you have at least one of the electronic devices listed below that is unused and is tucked away in a drawer just collecting dust.

You can send us your old cellphones, batteries and other accessories and we will give you a trade-in value (if there is one).  We use online sales sites to calculate the fair market value of your device and subtract our processing charges and give you credit that you can use towards the purchase of a new device.

We accept the following devices;

  • Laptops
  • Cameras
  • Digital Book Readers
  • Blue-ray Disc Players
  • Game Systems
  • MP3 Players
  • Mobile Phones
  • Camcorders
  • Tablets

And for those cases where you only need to use our environmentally friendly methods of recycling you can send us your electronic device and we will make sure that it gets recycled properly.

While this blog is devoted to the use of cell-phones and reviews of mobile related accessories, we also will accept tablets, laptops, and video game playing systems (see list above).

So don't let that electronic device just sit there with the batteries rotting.  Send us an email, if you want to know the trade in value of your device.  Email us at Kelvin@SanDiegoOnlineSalesGroup.com .  I know that is a long email address, but it's worth it to get that device to us.

If you would like for us to recycle the device for you for free please mail it to us at;

San Diego Online Sales Group
6920 Miramar Roade, Suite 313
San Diego, CA 92121

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

One Way to Handle A Stolen Phone

This blog, of pictures left on a stolen phone, is very funny


And then there is the tumbler of recreated selfies


So if your mobile device gets stolen, and the thief takes photos one way to get some revenge is to post their pics to the web. It at least makes me laugh.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Powerocks Magicstick Portable Charger

I'm very excited because the good people from Powerocks recently sent me a Powerocks Magicstick.

I am very impressed with the device and want to recommend it as a possible gift for Christmas or just as a device that you can definitely use to charge your portable electronic devices. Please check out the videos below (for specs).

And you can buy one here >>> Powerocks Magicstick 2600mAh Black Universal Extended Battery .

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Google Phone by T-Mobile

In an article titled Report: T-Mobile to Announce Google Phone Sept. 23 PCWorld.com is reporting that the NEW Google phone will soon be on the market.
T-Mobile USA will become the first company in the world to announce a mobile phone based on Google's Android OS at a New York press conference Sept. 23, the New York Times reports, citing T-Mobile.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Troubleshooting the Apple iPhone resources.

I've been searching for the best ways to troubleshoot problems with the new iPhone.

Here is what I have come up with so far;

A good place to start is Apple.com support.

MacWorld.com also has a good troubleshooting article, titled Troubleshooting iPhone and iPod touch issues. From the article;
In increasing order of difficulty, here are the things I do to try to recover from the various iPhone 2.0.x maladies I’ve experienced:

  • Restart the iPhone. Press and hold the power button until you see the “slide to power off” display, then do just that. Let the phone site for a couple seconds, then power it back on. I’ve found this is generally effective at solving excess battery consumption, as well as the slow iPhone problem. It only takes about a minute, at most, to reboot your iPhone, so it’s by far the easiest thing to try.

  • Reinstall a third-party application. If one particular third-party program is giving you troubles, you can try reinstalling it. First delete it from the iPhone by tapping and holding on the program’s icon, then clicking the “x” button to delete it. In iTunes, re-download the program (if you’ve bought it once, you can do so for free), then sync your iPhone and install the new copy of the program. Warning: You will lose all data you saved with the program—text you added, high scores you set, progress through the game that was saved, etc.

  • Restore the iPhone, including its backup. Unfortunately, this painful solution may wind up being your most-used troubleshooting technique. If you’re experiencing issues with multiple applications, or with Apple’s applications, or if neither of the above steps solve your problem, then a restore may be in your future. Before you restore (as explained above), however, sync your iPhone one more time and let it run a full backup (assuming your iPhone is in a usable state). This way, at least, you’ll be able to save any of the data you’ve stored with your third party programs. After the iPhone’s software is restored, iTunes will then offer you the chance to restore from the new backup.

  • Restore the iPhone, start from scratch. If you try the restore method above and find you still have the same issues as before, then you’ll have to use this most painful troubleshooting method. Restore the phone as above, but do not restore your backup. It’s possible that one of the files in the backup is corrupted, and that’s what’s causing your issues. Instead of restoring the backup, tell iTunes to treat your iPhone as new. Give it a name, reinstall all of your programs from scratch, and then sync your music, videos, and other content. This is as close as you can come to starting with a factory-fresh iPhone, and represents your best chance at stability—at least for a little while.

TUAW.com calls their troubleshooting guide iPhone Troubleshooting: How to Restart, quit frozen apps and Reset iPhone.

MobileMe users can find troubleshooting guide lines in an article titled MobileMe: Troubleshooting iPhone or iPod touch sync issues at Apple.com.

To get some of the most up to date info Apple.com's iPhone discussions board is invaluable.

In closing I was not really trying to be comperhensive here, I just wanted to provide a few good places online to go if you are having problems with your iPhone.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Can You Make Money off iPhone Games?

Well, according to an article in BusinessWeek.com titled How to Make Money off Free iPhone Games a company called Illusion Labs is doing just that.
Illusion Labs was started a year ago by Carl Loodberg and Andreas Alptun, who had worked together at another Swedish company called TAT, designing software for companies including Samsung and Nvidia (NVDA). They set up their own company so they could concentrate on developing applications specifically for Apple's iPhone. "When the iPhone came out, we were excited about the big screen, the graphics chip, and the good components," says Loodberg. "We thought it was an opportunity too big to pass up."
The companies first game is one of the more popular pieces of software for the iPhone. Called Labyrinth, it is a digital version of the old wooden box on which you maneuver a small silver ball through a maze while avoiding cut-out holes and other obsticals that the ball could fall in. The game is available for free from Apple's iTunes, and is estimated as being downloaded 80,000 times a day.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Top Books on SmartPhones

I am dismayed by the fact that some of my friends and family do not know how to get the best out of their smartphones. I guess it is the geek in me.

I think that best thing to do when faced with a new and complicated piece of high tech electronics, like a smartphone, is to study the litrature that comes with your phone and also read books devoted to your phone.

Here are some books that I think will help smartphone owners get more out of their phones.

Taking Your Iphone to the Max

The Rough Guide to the iPhone

Now You Know Treo 700w Smartphone

BlackBerry Hacks

101 Cool Smartphone Techniques

Smartphone & Pocket PC

Nokia Smartphone Hacks