Monday, August 11, 2008

Can You Make Money off iPhone Games?

Well, according to an article in titled How to Make Money off Free iPhone Games a company called Illusion Labs is doing just that.
Illusion Labs was started a year ago by Carl Loodberg and Andreas Alptun, who had worked together at another Swedish company called TAT, designing software for companies including Samsung and Nvidia (NVDA). They set up their own company so they could concentrate on developing applications specifically for Apple's iPhone. "When the iPhone came out, we were excited about the big screen, the graphics chip, and the good components," says Loodberg. "We thought it was an opportunity too big to pass up."
The companies first game is one of the more popular pieces of software for the iPhone. Called Labyrinth, it is a digital version of the old wooden box on which you maneuver a small silver ball through a maze while avoiding cut-out holes and other obsticals that the ball could fall in. The game is available for free from Apple's iTunes, and is estimated as being downloaded 80,000 times a day.

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