Sunday, August 03, 2008

How to protect yourself when buying Cell phones online.

With the economy being down right now and gas prices being so high, I have been writing in some of my other blogs advocating that shopping online, is a good way to buy and save money. You can save on gas and other cost of shopping by doing it online. This is also true for your cell phone needs.

This includes the phones themselves as well as accessories that you may need. Batteries, chargers, cases, head phones, earbuds and other items that let you get the most out of your phone.

And while you can get great deals, and save money you want to protect yourself while shopping online. Please consider the following

1. Always, always follow the adage, buyer beware, when shopping online for anything. If it were not important, they would not have a cool Latin phrase for it, "Caveat emptor."

2. Understand what can go wrong;

- fakes
- refurbished sold as new
- water damaged
- item does not work properly
- what happens of something goes wrong

3. How to limit problems

- Shop
- compare
- know what you should be getting
- read the ad
- contact buyer
- ask questions

4. What to do if there are problems

- contact buyer
- request replacement or refund
- Use site resolution systems

The best protection for you when shopping online is knowledge. Know what you are getting into before you buy. Beware and communicate with the seller first, shop at merchants who have a history of good sales. This will help to make your online purchases good ones and allow you to be protected.

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